Tuesday, October 23, 2007


How big is your pile? I think I could use simplicity. I need to get rid and clean out certain piles of stuff. The more stuff I get rid of, the bigger the pile gets or so it seems. I hate uncovering things b/c I find a bunch of other stuff underneath it all.

I have been by myself alot for the last 5 days (mostly on the beach of San Diego). I tried to use some of the time to focus on what Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline, calls meditation and simplicity. The first thing I came to notice about myself is my inability to just stop. I walked and walked and walked. I couldn’t find a right place or nostalgic ambience to post up in. When I finally found a place, it wouldn't take long before I would start thinking of where my next place to stop should be. Because if I am going to find myself, i need to find me in a cool joint. Ya know what I'm sayin.

Long story short I realized I was chasing myself. Kind of like a dog chasing his tail. Chasing restlessly.

God reveals himself in the most awkward and mundane places, not always at a vintage coffee shop dad-gummit. I wanted to direct God to where he could reveal himself. I had it backwards and constantly had to stop. In order to help slow me down I would take public transportation everywhere in S.D...buses, trollies, and a taxi. Not that it stopped me, but it purposely slowed me down. I thought maybe I could eventually roll to a stop (Cali style - ya know what im sayin).

Back to the pile. Jesus talked about our gathering of piles quite frequently. Here is kind of what I got out of it.

  • When you have God and a bunch of stuff, all you have is God.

  • When you have God and have nothing, all you have is God.

God is the only thing that matters. Your economical status has no influence over God, so why should it with people. He gave it to you. He gives all and he'll take all. (Lev. 25.23, Prov. 11;28, Ps. 62:10, Luke 16:3, Matt. 6:21, Matt. 19:16-22, Matt. 13:45-46

Here is my deal... i s**k at this whole spending money and saving money ordeal. (sorry this subject brings me to saying naughty words) I am at a lost when I even begin pondering where it goes. I seriously cannot tell you how frivolous I have been with money or stuff. That being said, this next verse in Luke kinda puts perspective out of perspective.

Luke 6:30 (New International Version)
30Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.

What the blank? ...whoa Harry, we were way off.

Seriously, who does that? God, how am I suppose to do that when no one in the history of my life has come remotely close to the reality of that verse. Thats like the verse of poking out eyes and crap.

If God wants, he gets. God wants you to want. Therefore God lets you choose what u like. We can choose to let him choose because that is what He wants. brain freeze. You can choose not to think He exists. When stuff begins to pile up we somewhere chose not to think He existed because to us it became our stuff. Then the stuff breaks down or disappears and we are left empty. Turning back to God broken, we desperately need something deeper something more substantial until the iphone comes out on the market.

Matt 6:33 - Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.

The kingdom of God does not look like Walmart. The kingdom of God is simple. Simply put, God gave His one and only Son. Try to ponder giving your children to anyone.

By the way, I am having a garage sale this Saturday at 203 Sweetwater Dr. in Weatherford, TX. Come take all you want. Man, I love to give.

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