Monday, January 29, 2007

This blog is inspired by Josh Groban. I cannot help what music this certain coffee shop wants to play. Usually they play a certain mix or playlist if you will, but this is the whooooooole (vibrato)damn cd. If this blog gets sappy at certain points, then the song must have peaked. One more thing so you can understand my context. Groban is being played really loud, not exactly what you would call background music. More like I just smelled Groban's breath music.

Enough of that...
Seriously, This lady I never met just came and sat down beside me and talked to me about God as if we had some connection. She talked for 30min. straight and said I know everytime I said anything. Read one of my previous blogs if you want to know what I think about those types of people.

Enough of that...
Can a brother blog in peace, please? 45 minutes later. Now I can't even remember what important subject I was goin to solve in my blog. Oh yeah, ME. Good thing I remembered.
I was going to blog about how much I suck at: life, parenting, God, and graphic design. Nothing new really. I have this serious problem of being unauthentic. Every time I try to do anything, I end up copying something or someone. It's easier, but things still turn out awkward. Even going against the norm, I cannot seem to find an original thought or act without knowing it is skewed by this one pastor, artist, or something my parents or friends said. I think this why I do not like small talk.

Ex. (completely hypothetical) My Dad asks me to pick up one of his friend's from the airport. Immediately that translates to me - small talk. I suck at small talk. "Hey mister, glad you made it." da da da. Every phrase from family to weather has fully developed in all of 10minutes. Seriously, everybit of 10 minutes and I have nothing else to say. This is where it gets classic: I say, "so how is your..." at this time I am all out of anything to say but I am fully committed to something. I proceed, "how is your...parents?" He then replies, "my parents died 20 some odd years ago. " I then proceed to say, "sorry bout that." Seriously though, does every conversation have to make sense?

It's sord of lonely being me, unless anyone I meet sees themselves as unique.

So, In honor of this enlightenment:
I declare this blog as my independence from small talk. I say what I want, when I want (not down playing discretion). There is no such thing as good small talk. Also, I am treating everyone as though they are an awkward unique individuals. You do not have more answers than I do, because you do not even know the question I have been compelled to ask.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The last blog caused a blog drought (traumatic experience). This time my dog died. Let me rephrase that our dog died. You probably remember her, if you met her once, you wouldn't forget her. This is not her picture, but it is the only dog pic I have on my computer. Good riddence Suzi, I hope you had the time of your life (good song - by the way). 2003-2007

Like my good philospher friend says, "it's easy to die."


Nerds are very resourceful, everyone should have one. I mean as a friend of course. I guess you could hire one like any other service, but they make better friends. THey make me laugh because they think so differently.

This reminds me of american idol the other night. Dude, that show sucks without the nerds. Who cares if you are tatlented. Thats way easier than being bad and thinking you are good. Thats where nerds rock. They think differently.

Nerds don't understand or live within cultural boundaries as much as cool people. I know what you are thinking, I am assuming that I am cool.

Well, in the culture I am around daily, if you have certain stuff you are cool. For instance, here a few examples: fake boobs=cool, ipod=cool, six pack(either or)=cool, dog named ESPN=cool, hdtv=cool, lawyer=cool, watch grey's anatomy=cool, drive a Scion=cool, and so on and so forth.

On the contrary, real boobs= not cool, cd player=not cool, diet coke=not cool, dead dog= not cool, TV smaller than 27in = not cool, watch 7th Heaven= not cool, drive a car below the year 2000= not cool, and so on and so forth.

Now, I know I am not completely cool, but I am more cool than not cool. Therefore, I need balance. I would be a loner if I was totally cool. People who are not cool wish they were cool.

If you ever got offended in this blog, you think you are cool. There is no shame in it. We all are cool in our own way. I just happen to be cooler than most, which I don't like sometimes.

And no I do not have fake boobs.

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