Monday, March 31, 2008

When Melissa and I were in our first house in Weatherford, we had the most weed filled yard on the block. So what did I do? I brought home a big thing of weed killer/fertilizer. I applied it and about three months later, I put another bag of that weed fertilizer on the yard b/c that is exactly what it was. Weed Fertilizer (they must have mislabeled it). Im telling you what, I had the nastiest, Honey I Shrunk the Kids yard. I am not lying when I say, I had no grass and some weeds growing at 2ft a week. ON top of that, Melissa was getting impatient with my grass growing skills and not happy with all the fertilizer charges on the credit card. So what did I do? I brought home another thing of fertilizer/weed killer (this time I went with a different brand).

$250 of weed fertilizer later and some fading hope, I pleaded my case. You know..., the "Babe, just trust me" case. A week later, all I still had to show for it was the most hideous yard... ever. I would drive by pastures in the middle of no where with lushy green grass and curse Mother Earth. I couldn't figure it out, all I wanted was a little bit of grass, so my kids wouldn't have to where their army boots in the summer to play in the yard. I said screw it, and finally put my lawn mower the lowest it would go and scalped my yard in disgust. I rationalized dirt over weeds.

No kidding, two days later I had an emaculate yard. Not a single weed popped up. My neighbor asked me what I did and I said, "I dont know, i just gave up". They don't teach this in Sunday School or Geometry or Athletics. Sometimes you have to give up. It had nothing to do with God granting me the strength or me praying every night over my yard. I can't deny this life lesson and neither should you. Not that I am putting giving up above trying hard, i just think sometimes it works out better if you quit... Just trust me.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"What is Truth?" The famous cynical answer from Pilate.

Power and Position bring about a sense of arrival.
Community and Giving bring about a sense of belonging.

In our attempts to belong we divide thru using power.
In our attempts to arrive we lose in giving.

Truth to those who love it not, will use it.
Truth to those who love it, will be changed by it.

Truth lives in the core of all of us (Yes, even you). Find it and let it change you.

John 18:37-39 (search hard and long, how much is it worth to you)

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