Monday, October 27, 2008

The passion of the Christ

Passion has many meanings to me.

When I hear the word I sometimes think:
Passionate Love or Lovers
Passion Movement– the spiritual movement by King Louis Giglio
Passion Fruit
Passion of the Christ

Either way you look at it, the word Passion, like many other words in the English language brings out multiple meanings when interpreted in the context of its intended audience.

By core definition the word is what it is.

If im at a marriage seminar I might hear the word used in the context of Passionate Love or Lovers.

Okay we get the point.

Now as of late I have thought of this word in different way. You know how you see a movie and come out with a totally different perspective or go thru an experience and come out with a different perspective.

This is an attempt to communicate this revelation in my life.

Something sparks you to get up in the morning and do something. To some of us it is more like a prick, but something pricks us to get up and take shower or whatever it is for that day.

I am going to exchange that word Passion with the word Zest. Just to liven it up a bit. So my context of the word Zest is what drives us to wake up, just breathe for that matter, or to live (very general).

I know this is mundane to some people, but right now there are plenty people contemplating the worth of taking another breath.

Their life has been taken away by someone or something and they would rather be nonexistent.

It seems eerie to write down or to ponder on someone trying to kill themselves at this moment in time, but relevant none the less.

Many people I know have been to this point and I have not gotten as close as some, but have definitely had my moments, days, or weeks for that matter.

One time my pastor hinted his suicidal tendency from the pulpit, but no one caught it (figures).

Losing the Zest in and for life is experienced by all peeps and is crucial to realizing it exsists. Therefore I consider Zestiness at the core of experiencing GODs direction for my life. The Zest to breathe and live and serve and share and die.

Which brings me to the thought that maybe understanding God is about as easy as understanding the opposite sex.

The easiest way to seduce a woman is to deceive and lie to them. Tell them what they want to hear. My friend who has been married for a couple of years most recently told me that the secret to the opposite sex is to tell them they are beautiful. “That’s It”, he insisted, “they just want to hear that they are beautiful.” I agreed with him b/c the ladies don’t always want to hear the truth. The problem is… the moment you think a marriage is going to work on the same principal is the moment your marriage fails.

I mean, why would I think they were beautiful if I had little Zest for life. Like my friend, I would say they were beautiful, so they wouldn’t keep taking the only fragments of Zest I had left. Not that my wife isn’t beautiful, but how is something else beautiful if I cannot see beauty in myself.

To be fair and keep married, it goes both ways for sure.

In the same way we hope to trick the women, we seem to try and use the same tactic with God.

Somehow if we say a few words in a prayer, God will be okay with us and start working on our mansion.

Seducing God doesn’t work in the slightest, but some pastors, ministers, or sheperds, laymen, elders, or whatever you call them people, will encourage you to do it b/c they don’t know any other way. Maybe not with their words, but it happens quite frequently.

If you don’t believe me, ask their wives.

I'v been trying to understand why Melissa and I haven’t connected so much lately and it didn’t take long to remember it is b/c I lied to her. Not b/c I wanted to hurt her, but I wanted to hide from her. I was trying to seduce her. Make her think I was better than I was.

Things you posses portray a picture of you. The way you spend your Time exposes you like a picture. That’s why people practice smiling in the mirror. Your life exposes you and you do not even have to say one word to explain yourself, your exposed.

I needed to apologize to Melissa. Its hard telling someone your sorry. It is even harder to tell someone sorry for something you did or said and be specific.

She just called as I was writing this blog and I apologized. God, she is beautiful. (I hope she read that)

Let’s get back to our Zest for life and wrap it up. Zest leads you to the right thing at the right time.

How do you have Zest in the most mundane ordinary day?

You can’t short change Zest. You have to give it time. It’s not emotion, but definitely plays with them. Zest is all about stamina and perseverance. Zest helps you focus on the goal.

When you “accept Christ” you are getting the right thing at the right time. Im not saying Jesus entended His salvation message for the sake of a moment in time. I think it was meant for more like a transformation from being spiritually ignorant or wandering, into being a Zestyman or woman. Kind of like Paul said about not that obtaining equalness to God something to be grasped, but pressing on toward the goal. Zestiness is God given b/c you recognize He gives it and takes it. Regardless of which one (give or take) we continually press on. Salvation is the rebirth of understanding… something deeper… something mysterious. A little Zest in the pants.

If this were a published book, we would make t-shirts and fancy book covers and all this stuff to make it popular. We would have all these slogans about how Zest cleanses you and worship songs with the word Zest sung about a 20 times over (depending on the worship leader).

I will not let you do this to the word Zest b/c today the word is Zest and some other word tomorrow. If you try, I will deny I ever wrote this. Words in Christian culture tend to get spiritually molested and turn into fads or clich├ęs.

Steal my Zest, I dare you, and I will then come up with another word like WaLa.

Lastly, If someone has or is trying to steal your Zest. Remember that God has placed in you a divine Zest for life, and He can produce the very life changing attitude that spurs you to change lives and contribute to the restoration of the world in which He created.

No words can really express the Zest. b-ah

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